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About Us

We are Hype Media

At HYPE Media, we are deeply committed to empowering Black girls by providing them with the tools, platform, and community to express themselves creatively and assertively.

Our work revolves around harnessing the power of digital media as a means of self-expression, advocacy, and narrative control.

Through initiatives like social media campaigns, digital storytelling, podcasting, and (re)mapping projects, we empower our participants to explore their identities, share their stories, and impact their communities positively.


Our Mission

HYPE Media is more than just an after-school program; it’s a movement. Our mission is to empower Black girls to take control of their narratives, using digital media as their canvas. To date, we have proudly engaged Black girls in the creation of impactful digital media projects. From the powerful Black Girl Affirmations social media campaigns to innovative digital (re)mapping projects and engaging podcasting, our participants have boldly stepped into the world of digital creation. These projects were not just assignments; they were expressions of identity, community, and empowerment, developed over 400 hours of co-learning sessions designed to amplify the unique voices and perspectives of Black girls.

Our Vision

Empowering Black girls is at the heart of what we do because we believe in the strength and potential of their voices to make a lasting impact. At HYPE Media, we envision a world where Black girls are celebrated for their contributions, where their stories are a central part of our social fabric, and where they can lead with confidence and creativity. Our work is a step towards that future, and every story we help bring to life is a testament to the power and resilience of Black girls.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of HYPE Media is to equip adolescent Black girls with new media and storytelling skills, empowering them to shift the narrative about their neighborhood and see their world through their own lens. By harnessing the power of digital media and storytelling, we aim to create a space where the stories of Black girls and communities are not just heard but celebrated.

Our Impact

The Impact of Our Work

Empowering Black girls through media literacy and digital creation has a multifaceted impact:

Voice and Agency

We provide Black girls with the skills and platforms to articulate their thoughts, experiences, and aspirations, fostering a sense of agency over their narratives and lives.

Critical Literacy

Through our co-learning sessions and project-based learning, participants not only acquire digital media skills but also develop critical thinking abilities that enable them to analyze and reinterpret the world around them.

Community Engagement

Our projects encourage active engagement with the community, prompting participants to explore their environments, document their experiences, and advocate for change.

Leadership Development

Empowering Black girls in media creation cultivates leadership skills, confidence, and the ability to work collaboratively, preparing them for future endeavors in any field.

Civic Engagement and Dialogue for Critical Youth Development

By encouraging our participants to explore and engage with civic issues through their projects, HYPE Media fosters a culture of civic engagement and dialogue. This focus helps develop informed, thoughtful, and active citizens who are equipped to participate in democratic processes and contribute to societal betterment. It is through these discussions and engagements that critical youth development is achieved, empowering participants to not only navigate but also shape the civic landscape.
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